The ISO Certificate

We are committed to continually improving the quality of social services with the aim being to create a place where our adult clients from our Emergency Housing Centre  or Refugee Centre and child clients from our Crisis Centre or the Children’s home Daisy can experience the  security of having a home and family. Following this aim we have prepared and successfully certified the quality management system.


KV Certifikation ENG-Za dôstojný....pdf (278813)



Za dôstojný život Vajanského 71
984 01 Lučenec

IČO 37817388
DIČ 2021575094
V prípade záujmu o ubytovanie kontaktujte Útulok (COR):
047/43 31 566
0948 341 751

OZ ,,Za dôstojný život"
Centrum pre deti a rodiny
047/43 22 384