Protective Workshops

One of the goals of our Association is to help  the disabled  integrate into the working community. This workshop was founded in October 2008 and provided part-time job opportunities for 12 disabled women who produced a variety of decorations. After the financial support of UPSVAR (Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family  in Lucenec), we have managed to keep the workshop with 3 disabled workers. In accordance with their skills and abilities, they produce plaster magnets, casts, wicker baskets, 3D cards and other decorations.



Having had this experience, after one year we decided to create another protective workshop – a reception and so we have created two full-time jobs for disabled people. The workshop was established with the help of UPSVAR (The Central Office of Labour, Social Affairs and Family  in Lucenec), and  The European Social Fund. 






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