About Us

Our civil association was founded on 19th June 2000 with the main objective  being to help people, particularly children who are in need or abused.

Our goals:


·         Help neglected and abused children and families

·         Help the  victims of domestic violence

·         Work with socially disadvantaged groups in our community

·         Help socially disadvantaged people look for a job and  suitable accommodation

·         Continue to develop and improve the ways we offer help according to the latest trends


The quality of our social services is shown by our daily work as well as being awarded the quality certification in accordance with the standard EN STN ISO 9001:2009

 gained in May 2010.



Za dôstojný život Vajanského 71
984 01 Lučenec

IČO 37817388
DIČ 2021575094
V prípade záujmu o ubytovanie kontaktujte Útulok (COR):
047/43 31 566
0948 341 751

OZ ,,Za dôstojný život"
Centrum pre deti a rodiny
047/43 22 384