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Our association is committed to helping socially disadvantaged clients. In addition to the legal obligations we are bound to conform to, we try to provide our clients with food, clothes, shoes and other things for their personal use by means of sponsorship, Therefore any material help, either from individuals or from businesses would be most welcome. You can support us financially by donating  money .

Our bank account is

IBAN: SK95 5200 0000 0000 0444 2789


Bank Address: Zeleznicna 1, 984 01 Lucenec, Slovak Republic

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Za dôstojný život Vajanského 71
984 01 Lučenec

IČO 37817388
DIČ 2021575094
V prípade záujmu o ubytovanie kontaktujte Útulok (COR):
047/43 31 566
0948 341 751

OZ ,,Za dôstojný život"
Centrum pre deti a rodiny
047/43 22 384