Emergency Housing Centre and Asylum

We have had two centres of social services registered with BBSK ( Banska Bystrica Self-Governing Region) since February 2007 - The Emergency Housing Centre for single parents with their children. It has the capacity to care for 24 clients who are  mainly the victims of violence as well as families with no accommodation. The Asylum has the capacity to care for 6 clients including the victims of violence, and inmates of foster homes  as well as people who become homeless.

The two centres provide the following residential facilities:  fully-furnished bedrooms, common sanitary and catering facilities (which are shared by 2-3 rooms) and a few apartments consisting of a bedroom, a bathroom and a kitchen. Within the centers area, there is a glasshouse, a small garden and creativity workshops which are for use in the clients`  spare-time and for developing a variety of skills. There is also a gymnasium. In the gym, there are facilities for table tennis and basketball, a trampoline for children, gym mats, an exercise bicycle and other sports equipment like bicycles or roller skates.

We help our clients to solve their problems, mainly by giving them accommodation or helping them to find  accommodation and jobs as well as providing them with social counselling.

If you or your friends need help, do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email.



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